The tools of your salon or spa’s trade represent major investments in your business. Proper care and maintenance keeps equipment in peak operating condition for maximum longevity, performance and return on investment. This comprehensive guide covers key maintenance tips for top assets.


Daily Disinfecting

Meticulous disinfecting protects client health and prevents buildup. Use hospital-grade solutions like Barbicide on shears, clippers, combs and other contact items between each client. Sterilize stations, chairs and beds daily. Consult manufacturer guidelines and safety precautions.


Vigilant Inspections

Conduct regular visual checks for any signs of wear like loose screws/bolts, cracks, breakdown of padding or upholstery etc. Address any issues promptly to keep chairs, stations and other items in reliable order. Test reclining and hydraulic features for smooth function.


Remove Residue

Allowing product, oils, skin cells and hair to accumulate damages equipment. Dry cut hair before sweeping. Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners designed for vinyl and leather on upholstery. Keep mirrors, sinks and surfaces residue-free.


Proper Product Storage

Store products and tools properly to minimize damage. Completely dry shampoo bowls. Cover stations and chairs when not in use. Hang shears and other sharp tools to prevent nicks. Place heavy items strategically.


Lubricate and Tighten

Regular lubrication maintains smooth gliding motions in scissors, pumps and other components. Tighten loose bolts/screws on furniture legs, casters, hinges, connections etc. Address sticking or grinding promptly.


Deep Clean Periodically

Schedule occasional comprehensive cleanings to tackle built-up grime. Remove chairs/stations for thorough scrubbing. Examine plumbing under sinks for leaks. Declutter storage areas.


Keep Records

Maintain a log of equipment checks and service history. Schedule annual servicing by qualified technicians for electrical safety. Specialized items need experienced industry repairers.


With regular care integrated into routines plus deep cleans, salon owners can minimize repairs, avoid breakdowns during busy times, and extend the lifespans of vital equipment assets. A small time investment in maintenance pays dividends for your business’s functionality and reputation.