Purchasing a high-quality barber chair is a key investment for any barbershop. The right chair helps create a comfortable customer experience while allowing barbers to work efficiently. However, with many options on the market, choosing the best chair can feel overwhelming. This guide walks through 6 essential factors to consider when shopping for a barber chair.


Factor 1: Comfort

Prioritize chairs featuring cushioned seats, adjustable backrests and headrests. These enable customers to fully relax during haircuts or shaves. The AGS Beauty line of barber chairs excel in comfort. Their seat cushions and backrest cushions are made of high density memory foam, providing years of shaping and support.


Factor 2: Durability

High traffic in a barbershop means furniture takes daily wear-and-tear. Choose a brand with a solid reputation for reliability. AGS Beauty uses commercial grade vinyl fabric resembling real leather durability with stainless steel frames. Their frames are hand-polished for a lustrous look without worrying about plating peeling.


Factor 3: Adjustability

Adjustable features include seat height, backrest angle, armrest position and more. Make sure a chair can accommodate customers of various statures comfortably. AGS Beauty offers fully adjustable chairs rated for up to 800 lbs with heavy duty hydraulic systems.


Factor 4: Style

Classic, modern or vintage-inspired styles suit different aesthetics. Complement your shop’s interior while attracting target customers. AGS Beauty caters to all styles needs with their modern, vintage and minimalist designs.


Factor 5: Price

Quality ranges from $1500 for basic hydraulic chairs to over $5000 for deluxe electric recliners. Consider your budget but don’t sacrifice functionality for cost. AGS Beauty offers highly functional chairs at competitive prices, including free shipping in the USA. Their professional quality control team ensures high industry standards.


Factor 6: Extras

Convenient extras include footrests, swivel bases, locking casters and upholstery protection.


Reaching out is encouraged for any other questions on AGS Beauty's barber chair line. Their attention to comfort, durability, style and value make them an excellent choice.