Vinyl upholstery is a popular choice for furniture and seating in homes, businesses, vehicles and boats due to its durability, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. This includes vinyl-upholstered salon chairs, barber chairs, and shampoo unit seats, which commonly use vinyl rather than real leather for the seating surfaces. Follow this guide for tips on keeping your vinyl looking its best.


Frequent Dusting and Vacuuming

Regularly dust and vacuum vinyl to prevent dirt buildup in crevices which can lead to stains and odors. Get into corners and seams.


Prompt Spot Cleaning

Immediately wipe spills and messes with a damp soft cloth. Avoid letting stains set in. Dish soap and warm water can tackle most fresh spills.


Approved Cleaners Only

Clean vinyl using only mild, vinyl-safe detergents, not harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia or abrasives that degrade vinyl over time. Check manufacturer guidelines.


Less is More

When cleaning vinyl, use only a lightly dampened cloth to avoid over-saturating and damaging material. Wipe dry with a towel afterwards.


Protect Form Sun and Moisture

Avoid exposing vinyl to excess moisture or sunlight which leads to cracking and fading. Use furniture covers when not in use and boat seat covers when docked.


Periodic Deep Cleaning

Schedule occasional comprehensive vinyl cleaning sessions to remove stubborn stains and embedded dirt. Use cleaners made specifically for vinyl.


Repair Cuts Immediately

Keep a vinyl repair kit on hand to fix small tears, burns or punctures as soon as they occur. This prevents further damage.


With routine light cleaning and prompt attention to spills and repairs, vinyl upholstery will retain its beauty and last for many years of use. Follow these vinyl care tips to protect your investment.