Elevating Florida's Salons with Premier Equipment and Furnishings


In Florida, a state celebrated for its sunny beaches and vibrant lifestyle, salons play a pivotal role in the beauty industry. From Miami to Orlando, Tampa to Jacksonville, salon owners seek exceptional equipment and furniture that reflects the state's dynamic culture. AGS Beauty stands as the ideal partner in this endeavor.


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AGS Beauty - Your Trusted Source for Salon Essentials


AGS Beauty, a renowned brand operated by AGS Corporation, specializes in supplying high-end salon equipment, barber furniture, and beauty supplies. The company has been a staple in the beauty industry for over a decade, catering to over 8,000 hair salons, barber shops, and cosmetology schools nationwide. Their extensive catalog features a variety of salon chairs, styling stations, shampoo units, and more, crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and design​​.


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Unbeatable Offers and Hassle-Free Shipping in Florida


Florida salon owners can take advantage of AGS Beauty's current blowout sale, running from Dec 1-14, with discounts of 30%-40% on most items. This is a prime opportunity to enhance your salon with items like the "AROHA" Salon Stylist Stool, available at a special price of $145, or the "ADELE" Salon Styling Chair, reduced to $289 from $560​​​​​​.


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Diverse Salon Chair Selection for Every Style


AGS Beauty offers an array of salon chairs to fit any aesthetic. The "ALBERT" Dryer Chair, now at $299, down from $500, combines comfort with modern design​​. For a sleek, contemporary look, the "AMALFI" Modern Styling Chair is available at $319, a significant reduction from its regular price of $630​​. Additionally, the clearance sale on the "ATHENA" Modern Styling Chair offers a standout deal at $249, down from $700​​.


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Broad Range of Salon Equipment for All Needs


Beyond chairs, AGS Beauty provides a variety of salon essentials. The Square Salon Floor Mat for Round Base, now only $85, is a must-have for any stylist​​. The "ATLANTIC" Shampoo Chair, marked down to $500 from $690, offers a luxurious shampooing experience​​, while the "ATLAS" Salon Dryer Chair, reduced to $379 from $600, adds elegance to your salon setup​​.


AGS Beauty's Dedication to Superior Quality and Service


AGS Beauty is committed to providing top-tier salon equipment and furniture at competitive prices, coupled with bulk discounts for larger purchases. Free shipping across the continental US, including to major Florida cities, ensures an effortless shopping experience. AGS Beauty's dedication to customer satisfaction and quality assurance makes them a preferred choice for salon owners looking to elevate their business​​​​.


Transform Your Florida Salon with AGS Beauty


To Florida's salon professionals, AGS Beauty offers the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and value in salon equipment and furniture. Browse our collection and seize this opportunity to transform your salon with our exclusive, high-quality products. Visit AGS Beauty today and start your journey towards a more stylish, sophisticated salon experience!


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