Salon shampoo bowls see constant use and exposure to hair products and debris. Proper cleaning and maintenance keeps them hygienic for clients and extends their lifespan. Follow these tips for your salon’s wash basins.


Daily Cleaning

Do a quick wipe-down of shampoo bowls with a mild cleaner between each client to remove residue and hair. Citrus or light floral scents are refreshing. Deep clean daily with hot water, dish soap and scrub brushes.


Weekly Deep Cleaning

Do a thorough weekly cleaning to keep drains clear. Boil water and pour down the drain, then add baking soda. Follow with a vinegar solution, let sit, then flush with more hot water. This removes built-up gunk.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Don't use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads which scratch surfaces, causing pits that trap dirt. Bleach and chemical drain cleaners also damage basins. Use only bowl-safe products.


Prevent Clogs

Install drain screens to catch hair and prevent clogged pipes. Regularly remove the stopper and clean out hair around the screen. Minimize chemical use that can react with pipes.


Consider White vs. Black

White bowls look crisp but require diligent stain removal. Black hides dirt better but makes seeing hair difficult. Weigh aesthetics against maintenance.


Check Plumbing

Inspect plumbing under shampoo bowls routinely for leaks or damage. Catch drips early and have repairs done before major issues occur.


With proper daily and weekly cleaning regimens using safe products and techniques, salon owners can keep shampoo bowls hygienic and functioning optimally for staff and clients, avoiding unpleasant surprises or expensive repairs down the line. Consistent maintenance is key.